Garment Care Guide

We believe practising presence and honouring nature is essential to enjoying a balanced life, harmonising our connection with ourselves and one another. When it comes to washing and caring for our garments we like to choose a mindful approach. Rather than a chore, doing the laundry can be a form of meditation, a space to slow down and connect with the present moment.  


Just like you, each and every one of our garments is individual and unique. Due to their slowly handcrafted nature, our garments are delicate, however, designed to last when treated mindfully with love and care.
The way we take care of our garments can be a reflection of how well we choose to care for ourselves. The same goes for our environment. We recommend using products with all natural ingredients that are good for your skin, your garments, and the planet. This ensures the garments longevity while supporting the beauty of the natural world in the process.



Set the space and your intentions ~ Put on some soothing music in the background, or if you can, immerse yourself in the calming sounds of nature as you do your laundry. Take a few breaths to clear your mind and ground in the presence of the task, acknowledging how much you love your garments and why you want to treat them with care. 
Treat them gently ~ As you handle your garments, remember to do so mindfully and slowly to ensure the seams do not rip or tear. Tend to your garments as though they are an extension of your beautiful self! 
Hand wash in cold water ~ We recommend a gentle hand wash in cold water using natural detergents to preserve their delicate nature. Connect with the element of water and practice gratitude for its nourishing properties.
Use natural detergents ~ There are an abundance of natural detergents on the market all around the world. Brands such as Koala Eco deliver a thorough and effective wash without the use of harsh chemicals, and are safe for the environment and our skin. Made with Australian essential oils they also smell beautiful, uplifting the senses. 
Hang dry in the shade ~ We recommend hanging your garment on a coat hanger to dry in the shade. This allows the material to dry with limited creases and reduces the effects sunlight can have on the eco-friendly dyes used in the making. Feel the breeze on your skin as you enjoy a moment out in nature.
Take gratitude for having completed your laundry!
Fresh clean clothes are a gift to your future self.


We hope we have inspired some joy in consciously caring for your garments. No matter where we are, or the task at hand, there always exists an opportunity to practise presence and honour the abundant gifts of nature. 
Love and laundry day blessings, 
Daughters of India xx
(Words by Ella Josephine Archer)